ZYT Established in 2007, Cleaning Supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a domestic high-quality supplier of high-end professional cleaning agents, providing supporting professional cleaning solutions and services. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and obtained the national tableware detergent production license (that is, QS certificate, covering hand washing, machine washing and food industry detergents) and other authoritative certificates.

The main business includes public area cleaners, hotel room cleaners, professional laundry cleaners, professional kitchen cleaners, food industry cleaners, etc. Our clean room products include carpet cleaner series, hard floor cleaner series, guest room cleaner series, and hand washing shampoo series. Applicable to all star-rated hotels and resorts, public facilities and office buildings, large supermarkets, pension or rehabilitation institutions, etc. Our cleaning has a full set of kitchen cleaners, and its product line includes hand-washing and machine-washing tableware cleaners, various kitchen hard surface cleaners, special-purpose cleaners and disinfectants, which are widely used in kitchens and catering areas for hotels Industry, catering and food processing industries.

We have a full range of high-quality laundry detergents, including powders and liquids, which are widely used in commercial laundry factories, hotels and other laundry industries.

A professional R & D team brings strong technical support and professional services to customers, and can tailor cleaning solutions and related products for customers. The professional cleaning field has first-class research and development capabilities. We are committed to providing green, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient sanitation solutions. "Green and clean" is our philosophy. We are not only a manufacturer of cleaning products, but also a protector of environmental hygiene.