Cleaning and disinfection treatment methods and precautions

2020-04-13 10:16:47 Disinfectant manufacturer 4

There are many aspects of cleaning, covering general cleaning and special cleaning. Many waiters come to take care of the completion, often because of lack of professional training, which leads to overwhelming work. If it is handled by an ordinary cleaner, and because of the special cleaning of the hotel, it is easy to make mistakes without training. Important, because it is not only related to the image of the hotel, but also to the comfort of the customer. Only the matching of the two parties can really play. In view of the clean120 research in the field of hotel cleaning, not only from conventional cleaning equipment supplies suppliers, but also cleaning companies and hotel logistics management \ PA department systems that specialize in hotels as the market point. The following only lists some matters needing attention for cleaning and disinfection of the hotel's cleaning service.

1. Cleaning method

Routine cleaning steps:

(1) Remove most of the residues and dirt on the surface of public appliances. (2) Wash the surface of public appliances with detergent solution. (3) Wash away the residual detergent with clean water.

2. Disinfection method

Physical disinfection. Including steam, boiling, infrared and other thermal disinfection methods. (1) Boiling and steam sterilization keep at 100 ℃ for more than 10 minutes. It can be used for disinfection of drinking utensils, basins, towels and cotton fabrics for bed.

(2) Infrared disinfection is generally controlled at 120 ° C for more than 10 minutes. It can be used for disinfection of drinking utensils, basins, towels and cotton fabrics for bed. ,

Three, cleaning methods

(1) Disinfected public utensils should be naturally filtered or dried, and should not be dried with hand towels to avoid re-contamination. (2) Disinfected drinking utensils should be put into the tableware cleaning cabinet in time.

Refers to the cleaning and disinfection of the hotel system in the narrow sense, such as hotels, restaurants, hotels, restaurants and other places (such as bowls, chopsticks, dishes, dishes, knives, forks, etc.) cleaning and disinfection.

4. Disinfection precautions (refer to the use method of a certain killing company)

(1) The cleaning agent used should be stored within the shelf life and at the specified temperature and other conditions.

(2) Formulate strictly according to the specified concentration, and the solid disinfectant should be fully dissolved.

(3) The prepared disinfectant is replaced regularly, usually every 4 hours.

(4) Measure the concentration of disinfectant regularly when using it. If the concentration is lower than the requirement, replace it immediately.

(5) To ensure the disinfection time, general public supplies and appliances should be disinfected for more than 5 minutes.

(6) The disinfection items should be completely submerged in the disinfection solution.

(7) After disinfection, rinse the disinfectant with clean water.

(8) Wash the tableware before disinfection, to avoid oil dirt affecting the disinfection effect.

5. At present, there are generally four types of equipment in the market: dry cleaning, drying, folding, ironing and so on. The cleaning rate of general disinfecting towels is usually determined by the equipment model. The larger the capacity, the higher the working efficiency of the disinfecting towel equipment with higher specifications. Dry cleaning disinfection towel equipment. It is mainly used for washing disinfected towels that cannot be done with traditional water washing equipment. As the market demand is not large, hotels can be configured according to the actual situation. Drying disinfection towel equipment can complete the cleaning and drying work at the same time, hotels and hotels can be configured according to the daily use of disinfection towels. At present, the drying disinfection towel equipment on the market is mainly divided into two categories: one is fully automatic and the other is semi-automatic. Fully automatic products include, automatic washing and drying machine, automatic washing and drying machine. Semi-automatic products include: industrial washing equipment, dehydration machines, dryers and other disinfection towel equipment with only a single function.

The folding machine is also widely used in the field of sterilized towels. The folding machine can fold the washed sterilized towels according to the specifications. The appearance of the folding machine greatly reduces the workload of the operator and improves efficiency. Because it is a mechanized device, the size and specifications of the folded disinfected towels are exactly the same, which is more in line with the requirements of hotels. Ironing equipment is also an indispensable mechanical equipment. At present, there are two types of disinfection towel processing equipment on the market: roller ironing machine and trough ironing machine. Among them, the roller ironing machine has high-efficiency and high-quality ironing effect, and is generally used in hotels.