Cleaners used in public area cleaning

2020-04-13 10:21:49 Disinfectant manufacturer 9

Many industrial parks in Shanghai and surrounding areas have been built and developed rapidly. Many high-tech product manufacturing industries have settled in these new industrial areas. The indoor and outdoor cleaning of factory buildings has provided a vast space for the development of the cleaning market and cleaning industry. At the same time, after China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the import tariffs for cleaning equipment and products are gradually decreasing, which will further increase the competitiveness and supply of international products in China. Many importers and manufacturers have aimed at this highly potential market to increase investment in the Chinese market. Of the foreign cleaning supplies suppliers that have entered the Chinese market, 50% of the manufacturers plan to set up factories in China to produce cleaning supplies. There are also some exciting data. For example, China maintains the fastest growth rate of the global economy, the construction ratio is growing at a double-digit rate, and the ratio of foreign direct investment is the highest in Asia. According to statistics from the Ministry of Information Industry of China, China has a potential annual demand of 300 billion yuan for the professional cleaning market. Since it started late, it is still in the initial stage of the seller's market, and there is a very broad market in front of us.

4. Problems and suggestions in the development of Chinese cleaning supplies enterprises.

1) At present, there are many exporters of Chinese cleaning supplies, and the competition between the same industry is very fierce. Sometimes in the face of the same foreign merchants even dismantling each other, in fact, the final loss is the Chinese cleaning supplies manufacturer With the interests of dealers, even if they receive orders from abroad, the company they are in can only be on the edge of small profits or unprofitable; therefore, the establishment of regional and national industry associations to protect the overall interests of the national cleaning industry has great Strong necessity and urgency.

2) The business model of the enterprise is too simple, and the sales of many Chinese cleaning supplies manufacturers mostly rely on export and OEM processing. We have to gradually change the existing business model, from gradually relying on export OEM processing and manufacturing to a gradual transition to independent research and development, production, and sales of own-brand products, and substituting processing as a supplementary business model; according to the characteristics of the Chinese clean market Cleaning supplies suitable for the Chinese consumer market. With the continuous increase in domestic labor costs and the internationalization of raw material costs, China's traditional labor advantage is gradually lost; from the overall trend of the country's current policy control of the RMB exchange rate, the RMB will still appreciate; some export tax rebates are gradually reduced and eliminated Export-oriented enterprises will face tremendous pressure, and some enterprises even hover between small profits and factory shutdowns. At the same time, cleaning supplies companies must increase their investment and development of comprehensive innovation and new products with independent intellectual property rights; only continuous innovation can be active in the competition and be invincible; only innovation can get rid of the situation of simply processing for foreign countries. In order to promote the local Chinese cleaning supplies industry from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation.

3) The development of China's cleaning industry is still immature and perfect.

The regional development is not balanced, and it is currently mainly concentrated in Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places; industry division of labor cooperation has not yet formed a scale, and professional production equipment is in short supply, which is not conducive to intensive production; at present, there is no national and industry standards; The quality is uneven and needs to be further improved.

5. Tomorrow of the cleaning supplies industry

Now the domestic cleaning and cleaning industry has formed a certain scale, and representative regions have already made a good start. They have developed from traditional manual cleaning appliances to cleaning machinery, washing supplies, industrial cleaning supplies, civilian cleaning supplies, etc. The situation of industry co-prosperity; some products can even contend with foreign established brands, and in China, with the continuous improvement of relevant national laws and regulations and the advocacy and appeal of industry organizations, relevant government departments are also accelerating the formulation of relevant standards and policies to promote The cleaning industry is formalized and high-tech. This is very necessary to promote the healthy development of the industry. I believe that with the concerted efforts of colleagues in the cleaning industry, China's cleaning industry will be better tomorrow.