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With the rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of material living standards, China's cleaning industry has also developed rapidly. Cleaning has become a part of improving people's quality of life. The research of cleaning technology has also closely followed the development of society The improvement of this is a rare opportunity for our cleaning industry. But at the same time, it also faces many challenges: China's emerging industry of cleaning supplies has only been developed for 10 years, and it is not as easy to understand as mature industries. The domestic cleaning supplies industry is still maintaining its scale by replication and generation processing; The science and technology content is not high, and the phenomenon of being copied is very serious; and most of the current cleaning supplies manufacturers rely on export sales.

1. Overview of the development of the global clean market:

According to the statistics of the American Association of International Hygiene and Sanitation, there are currently nearly 10,000 cleaning supplies suppliers in the world, with representative manufacturers such as Rubbermaid, IP, Tuway, 3M and so on. Among them, developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan accounted for 2/3. Its annual output value exceeds 50 billion US dollars. In these countries, standards for the cleaning industry have been developed to ensure the healthy development of the cleaning industry as part of public health. However, of these 8,000 or so international cleaning supplies suppliers, only 5% of the manufacturers have entered the Chinese market. From this, it seems that the Chinese cleaning market has great potential.

2. Market situation of China's cleaning industry:

The large-scale development of China's cleaning industry has experienced more than ten years, most of which have been developed from traditional hand-made workshops. It is still in its infancy. According to relevant statistics, there are currently about 5,000 domestic cleaning supplies manufacturers and distributors. Businesses and agents, only the end users of commercial and industrial cleaning products have reached more than 5 million. This does not include the cleaning products used by hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens. The output value of industrial and commercial cleaning machines is estimated to be about 20 billion yuan, while the investment of international manufacturers in China is currently about 3 billion yuan.

On the other hand, the government also vigorously promotes the improvement of cleaning and sanitation standards and actively establishes cleaning industry standards. In many cities, it also stipulates the number of times that the exterior walls of buildings are cleaned each year, especially the atypical pneumonia and People's concept of cleanliness has been greatly improved, and the sanitation requirements for individuals and public places have also been further improved. The output value of the cleaning supplies involved during this period alone has exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars.

At the same time, government departments are also actively purchasing cleaning supplies to serve the public. The Shanghai Municipal Government has issued an annual outdoor cleaning appliance procurement plan with a total target of tens of millions, and will complete the purchase intention in the near future. Relevant government departments in other provinces and cities are also increasing their investment in cleaning supplies and helping and supporting more companies to join the cleaning industry.

3. Development opportunities for the cleaning industry in China

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo have brought new opportunities to the high pressure washer industry. There are hundreds of newly built three-star hotels in Beijing alone. The world has focused its attention on China. The world's top five property cleaning management companies have also entered the Chinese market, and the Chinese cleaning industry has thus obtained unprecedented opportunities for development.

Taking Shanghai as an example, the government work report of the 12th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress in 2003 provided an encouraging blueprint for Shanghai's development in the next five years: Shanghai Shenbo will successfully have 24 billion yuan in investment projects, and Expo-related extension projects; comprehensive development on both sides of the Huangpu River, the construction of a large number of residential and supporting projects in large international communities in the hinterland of the North Bund; Jingan Temple, Pudong Century Avenue Commercial Circle, Xujiahui, Evergreen City, Wujiaochang, etc. Comprehensive development will bring up several million square meters of buildings; Nanjing West Road "Century Space" Hotel Business Palace, etc., such an international-level high-end building that integrates business, office, hotel apartments, entertainment and shopping. Things will continue to emerge in the east, west, south, and north of Shanghai; the existing Grade A office building in Shanghai has 2.88 million square meters. After the domestic and foreign sales of the office market are combined, it will promote the comprehensive integration of the Shanghai property market with the international market. This number is expected to double in two years; The Pudong World's tallest building, the Global Financial Building, resumed construction and was completed in 2007. It will then drive the construction of a new building complex in Lujiazui; The booming housing market, the relocation of millions of residents every year, and the settlement of new residents in other provinces, cities and even overseas, especially the development of smart houses and ecological houses, has put forward new requirements for the cleaning services of residential communities and residential houses. The development of the market and the cleaning industry provides new business opportunities.

According to statistics, there are more than 500 ancient buildings and reserved buildings in Shanghai. With the development of economic and cultural relics protection and the prosperity of tourism, the maintenance of ancient buildings and reserved buildings has attracted more and more attention from the society. The maintenance, cleaning, and maintenance industries have already started, and the development of scrubbers is good.