The participation of Guangzhou Cleaning Products Exhibition was a complete success

2020-04-13 10:26:36 Disinfectant manufacturer 3

The theme of today's industrial production development is "green and environmental protection", and the washing industry is no exception. Green environmental protection "concentration" has become the development trend of the international detergent industry. China Light Industry Federation and China Washing Products Industry Association proposed "vigorously develop concentrated washing powder", and spent three years to create the goal of washing powder "concentration era". However, the current domestic concentrated powder only accounts for 4% of the entire detergent market.

Although there is no standard for detergent concentration in China at present, with the determination of the target, the introduction of foreign clean technology in the future, and the knowledge of national policies and measures, the liquefaction and concentration of detergents will become the general trend.

Once China's detergent concentration standards are determined, China will set off a new wave of investment, as well as a new generation of detergent manufacturers, and a batch of detergents that can adapt to the development of the times.